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Grand Theft Auto

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The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Community
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This community is for people who love Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PS2. We have cheats, hints, and icons. Join this community if you're having trouble on that level, or if you have a new cheat. We're looking for active members who are willing to participate in fun themes and help out fellow gamers! Join us!

I'm going to ask that everyone post an introductory post, just so I get an idea of who's serious here.

Who is your favorite character on San Andreas and what is your favorite thing to do?

o Post all cheats under the lj-cut with the link text of CHEATS/SPOILERS.
o If you're making a banner for the community or icon, you don't need the lj-cut.
o Before you post a question about a mission, check the memories first, chances are; it's been asked before.
o Have fun and be respectful.

Please post this picture on your user info page, I'd be ever so greatful:
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